>Crazy Freed Media Idea

Right now we have DAAP sharing in Rhytmbox but not in Movie players or photo management software. Even so the DAAP/Avahi/ZeroConf sharing in Rhytmbox has something more to be desired and I don’t believe it’s something Rhytmbox should fix.

I think the way to fix this is by creating a media sharing daemon. Currently if you close rhytmbox no users on your network or your own computer have access to the music you have shared. If we somehow daemonize this then sharing music, photos, and movies on the same computer or several becomes easy.

The same ability should be given to photos and movies (for starters) Sharing should be encouraged. I’m pretty sure this is one of the basic ideas behind the entire ZeroConf idea, but I just wanted to get it out there, and hopefully have someone tell me it’s already done.

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