>Format for Round 3 of Music Player showdown
Player Name
Last.fm supported?
Magnatune supported?
Jamendo supported?
DAAP supported? Local Area Music Sharing, same protocol that iTunes uses.
Internet Radio supported? How many preloaded stations? (worth 2)
Type ahead search – finds what I am looking for before I finish typing it
Lyrics – can it fetch them?
Extra Info – Could be Wikipedia, or other usually extra info I can get on songs, artists, etc.
Music-applet: This is a gnome applet I use that controls music players through dbus

Amarok (5)
Last.fm – full support
Magnatune – full support, including purchasing
Jamendo – no
DAAP – no
Internet Radio – Supported, no preloaded stations
Type ahead search – yes
Lyrics – yes
Extra Info – Wikipedia Artist Info, Amazon’s album art, and musicbrainz.org that I can’t get to do anything
Music-applet: No, but maybe KDE has a different thing?

BMPx (5)
Last.fm – full support
Magnatune – nope
Jamendo – Supported
DAAP – no
Internet Radio – Rocks!
Type ahead search – yes
Lyrics – no
Extra Info – no
Music-applet: No

Exaile (4)
Last.fm – no
Magnatune – no
Jamendo – no
DAAP – plug-in available
Internet Radio – Suppored, no preloaded stations – but plugin available for LONG list
Type ahead search – no
Lyrics – no
Extra Info – Did you know (Wikipedia) and Album art manager
Music-applet: Yes

Quod Libet (6)
Last.fm – with plugin
Magnatune – Radio station support
Jamendo – no
Internet Radio – Supported, good preloaded list
DAAP – no
Type ahead search – no
Lyrics – yes
Extra Info – plugins for Wikipedia, Regex Substitution, Album Art, and more
Music-applet: Yes

Rhythmbox (8)
Last.fm – installed but off by default (in plugins)
Magnatune – installed but off by default (in plugins)
Jamendo – installed but off by default (in plugins)
Internet Radio – Supported, Only 4 preloaded stations
DAAP – installed but off by default (in plugins)
Type ahead search – yes
Lyrics – installed but off by default (in plugins)
Extra Info – none
Music-applet: Yes

The number next to each name is done by making each feature worth 1 point, not counting extra info, and counting radio as two separate points.
Rhythmbox leads for a second day in a row. Exaile is the only one I am getting rid of today.

Please do correct any mistakes you may find!
Thanks to jasonm for finding the first mistake.

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