>Music Players: Narrow the List

>As this is for the average user I will follow the following requirements:
No command line
Manages Music (AKA Music Library)
Not to complicated to get playing music.

Starts with First-Run Wizard that actually let’s you choose your SQL Engine.
Passes to Next Round.

Needs jack which I feel is to complicated for me.

No music management. BYO Playlists.

Moves to next round, but annoys me personally with Mono dependency.

Beep Media Player
No music management. BYO Playlists.

I actually could not figure out how to play music for a while. Moves to next round.

Not really music management.. But I was considering moving it anyway.

Likes, Moves to Next round.

I’m really hoping 1 of the MPD clients can go to the next round. If not, all have to review them separately. It doesn’t let me configure MPD itself, which might be a design decision?

MPD and no Library support

Gnome Music Player Client
Nicest of the MPD clients so far.



Listen Music Player
Next Round.

Muine Music Player
Next Round.

This didn’t work very well for me at all.

*At this point I found that I had a lot of runaway processes running, Not something I liked realizing * There was also a power surge, needless to say I restarted.

This shouldn’t be on this list. Graphical Programming for live interactive computer music..

Another MPD client.

Another MPD client.

Quark Music Player
Intriguing. It’s just a System Tray / CL player. Not good for this review. But still cool.

Quod Libet
A bit odd. But passes to Next Round.

Default in Ubuntu. Next Round.

This came soooo close to configuring MPD by itself. But alas, it did not.

No music library.

No library.

That’s all for the first round! It’s important to note, that these could still be useful for you! They could even be the best player available for you!
So in the end, the following are making it to round 2:
Amarok, Banshee, BMPx, Exaile, Listen, Muine, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox

Please do point out ones that I have missed! Remember my requirements though.

2 thoughts on “>Music Players: Narrow the List”

  1. >In MPD’s defense, the Ubuntu package is broken, and it’s the maintainer’s fault. In Debian, installing the mpd package fully configures MPD through debconf.

    Half-ass packaging is the sad side of Ubuntu.

    Otherwise, I’m interested in what you find.


  2. >Remeber my requirements though.

    My company’s lead developer made that same typo. Below the username/password login, all our software had a check box with the words “Remeber my password”. It was also riddled with misspellings like “calandar” and “jun” (june).

    While still pre-release, you may want to check out SongBird. It’s pretty cool, and will probably meet most of your requirements (though may run into performance issues here and there).

    To elaborate on how mpd is broken (at least in my experience — Dave may be referring to something else), mpd music is stored in the /var/lib/mpd directory, instead of a user-specific directory, such as ~/.mpd or similar. The debian package lets you choose where to put it (I believe). Of the mpd options, I like Sonata the most. In my personal use, though, I almost always go with xmms or vlc, as I could care less about libraries.

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