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It took me more time to get used to Amarok than Quod Libet( Rhythmbox is what I used previous to these reviews). I think I can blame a good amount of that on KDE vs Gnome more than Amarok. If you run KDE I can see few reasons for you to not use Amarok. Furthermore, if you want any of the options Amarok excels at, get it! I found myself learning something about the bands of songs I have. Which means I can actually vouch for Amarok’s moto, “Rediscover Your Music!”
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Amarok’s Website
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If you just want a player to listen to internet radio. BMPx is the best I reviewed for internet radio. I found the library playing lacking though.
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Quod Libet
Quod Libet is my new music player of choice. It combines a simple default interface, plus many others if you prefer organizing your music differently. In fact, their moto basically is that you know how to organize your music better than them. If you just want to organize and play your music, use this.
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Rhythmbox is the default Music Player in Ubuntu and it deserves to be. It is designed to integrate well with the rest of the Gnome desktop. Furthermore, it shares infrastructure with the other default audio related applications in Ubuntu. It supports more ways to get (and share) music then any other player reviewed. I may eventually go back to Rhytmbox for this very reason.
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