Music Player Review: Rhythmbox

Summary: Rhythmbox is the default Music Player in Ubuntu and it deserves to be. It is designed to integrate well with the rest of the Gnome desktop. Furthermore, it shares infrastructure with the other default audio related applications in Ubuntu. It supports more ways to get (and share) music then any other player reviewed.

Find, Share, Buy
Rhythmbox supports more sharing and finding and buying than any other music player. It doesn’t win for Internet Radio support though. Rhythmbox supports:

  • DAAP Sharing – shares music on the local network, supported by iTunes as well
  • UPnP Devices – (must investigate further)
  • Magnatune Store*
  • Jamendo Store*

*Don’t let the word Store scare you. Magnatune and Jamendo have no connections with evil. In fact, if you haven’t checked them out. Do so.


It integrates well with my gnome music applet as the applet was originally designed for it.
Overall, in less you are craving a specific feature Rhytmbox lacks you aren’t missing anything by sticking with it. For those who like (or are familiar) with iTunes, recommend Rhytmbox.

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