Music Player Review: Quod Libet

Quod Libet is my new music player of choice. It combines a simple default interface, plus many others if you prefer organizing your music differently. In fact, their moto basically is that you know how to organize your music better than them. If you just want to organize and play your music, use this.

This screenshot shows Gnome’s music applet (bottom right), the default display, and the On-screen-display showing a song change.Free Beer Not Included
This screenshot shows a bunch of other ways to find the music you are looking for. By Album, panned, file system, and regular search. (A lot of other players could do this stuff to, not sure about at the same time)
Many ways to find

Other Views:

  • Internet Radio
  • Media Devices

Also neat are the filters, options including:

  • Filter on Genre, Artist, and Album
  • Random Genre, Artist, and Album
  • Not Played Today / In a week / In a month / Never Played

Many other players have this as well, but I found these features easier in this one. Also, the command Not Played today is really just a search for “#(lastplayed > today)”. Prefer to search with regular expressions, it works.

Quod Libet is also very extendible with a long list of Plugins. Overall, I like Quod Libet because it has a clean interface that I can easily change, and just gets out of my way and let’s my find and play my music.

Give it a try yourself.
Ubuntu apturl: apt:quodlibet

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