Music Player Review: BMPx

Easiest by far for Internet Radio. I just can’t get it to play my entire library (randomly).

Rocking Radio: To get to radio, click on radio, choose genre, click station. So many to choose from and so easy by default. For playing music when I have none on my computer already BMPx wins hands down.
Library: It’s when I have music already that it falls apart. I find the interface clumsy at best.
How would I go about playing my entire library on random? Through the interface you have to choose an artist, then an Album, and then you can play music. You can also search, but what would I search for? All?
So what else does BMPx have?

  • Video Podcast support
  • Lyrics (which I missed last round)
  • Neat Artist Info
  • Nice clean config
  • Changing from ALSA to Jack
  • Multiple Folders to Library

One detractor is the default option “Send Usage Statistics”. Which I have done no research in to what it actually does. Also, there appears to be no plug-in support.
Overall it’s a cool player, and for internet radio it’s the best. However for playing one’s own library I don’t like the interface and playing all of my music on random is the most common thing I do.
Only three players remain.

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