Music Player Review: Amarok

It took me more time to get used to Amarok than Quod Libet( Rhythmbox is what I used previous to these reviews). I think I can blame a good amount of that on KDE vs Gnome more than Amarok. If you run KDE I can see few reasons for you to not use Amarok. Furthermore, if you want any of the options Amarok excels at, get it!

So, I use Gnome:
Amarok is not designed in the same standard way that many Gnome applications are. And why should it be, it’s designed for KDE, not Gnome. This means there is going to be a slight learning curve for those of us familiar to Gnome (not so big a deal). I also underestimated Amarok’s scripts support. You can easily get more scripts (plug-ins) and add things like Gnome Multimedia Keys. Which is nice for those of us who have multimedia keyboards.Screenshot-Get Hot New Stuff - Amarok
Amarok’s Cool / Useful Features:

  • Equalizer
  • Multiple Database support
  • Small Player Window
    Small Window
  • Lots of customization options
  • Awesome config for on-screen-display
  • Can change engine?


  • Easy access to lyrics
  • Refreshingly Fast (once started)
  • Eye candy
  • Statistics
  • Favorite Tracks
  • Artist Information from Wikipedia
    Screenshot-Amarok - Avalost (Vocal Version) by Sea
  • Cover Manager


Amarok is a great choice for a music player! It does bring some kde friends along for the ride though, and by default uses a different music back-end than gnome has installed. This means installing MP3 support for a second time. With both Amarok and BMPx I found myself learning something about the bands of songs I have. Which means I can actually vouch for Amarok’s moto, “Rediscover Your Music!”

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