>More players out.. in memory performance

>Listen and Muine got past my first round.
Muine doesn’t have a real Library, and Listen doesn’t appear stable.
Songbird is a bit too alpha for this review, but would be nice for a future one.

Today I compared memory usage of the different players while playing and not playing. (Bigger is worse). Approximately 3.5 mb of Amarok’s usage was small kdeinit processes that I assume wouldn’t be important in KDE? Other than that Banshee was the only clear loser, and Rhythmbox was the surprise winner.
It is important to note that these results could easily be changed by the number of plug-ins you have on in these programs.
So Amarok, BMPx, Exaile, Quod Libet, and Rhythmbox make it to the next round.

One thought on “>More players out.. in memory performance”

  1. >Where did you get the data from your “Raw Memory Usage”? Did you just use the RSS? If so that gives you a good idea, but isn’t fully accurate.

    Take a look at smem to give you accurate results:

    It is a really new tool, but works like a champ.

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