>Memory Usage in Gnome

>I have reduced my bootup memory usage from the default in Ubuntu of about 130/150 mb to a nice 80 or so megs used. Which isn’t as good as Xubuntu or Fluxbuntu, but it is closer.

How’d I do it?

  1. No more extra terminals
    This saved a nice amount of memory
  1. Edit /etc/default/console-setup
  2. Make it look like this
    # Setup these consoles. Most people do not need to change this.
  3. Reboot to take effect
  • Remove applets you don’t use
    1. Fast User Switcher and Desktop Search take up a good amount
    2. I deleted one entire panel and consolidated on one
    3. I also moved workrave from a panel to run at startup
  • Removed the ability to print (cupsys and foomatic)
    • I used Synaptic and removed everything that had cupsys or foomatic in it
    • Making sure not to remove anything important at the same time
    • Clearly if you want printing.. don’t do this!’
  • Remove evolution and a lot of it’s services
  • ( I also remove Mono but I don’t think that has an effect)
  • This makes me wonder how much of the memory requirement on the Ubuntu Desktop CD could be tweaked.

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