When should i386 support for Ubuntu end?

Are you running i386 (32-bit) Ubuntu?   We need your help to decide how much longer to build i386 images of Ubuntu Desktop, Server, and all the flavors.

There is a real cost to support i386 and the benefits have fallen as more software goes 64-bit only.

Please fill out the survey here ONLY if you currently run i386 on one of your machines.  64-bit users will NOT be affected by this, even if you run 32-bit applications.

4 thoughts on “When should i386 support for Ubuntu end?”

  1. Some people mentioned refurbishing 1386 computers for gift or low-cost resale to low-income folks. Is this really a gift, or do the limits on usability make it more of a burden – like a teaser, that gets you only half-way there?

    I face that in the boxes I’ve given away, that won’t be much use in coming days, and it makes me feel a little guilty.

    Regards, Emery

  2. Go there, get the following: The form “End x86_32 bit support, impact” is no longer accepting responses.

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