Hosting Options

There are many ways you can get your WordPress site hosted.  For this, I’m focusing on just WordPress options, because that’s what was covered in my course.   There are many other ways to make websites.


Just get WordPress hosted from the source at   You can add a domain name for $18 and other buy up options, full “pro” is $99.   Benefits; really reliable, always up-to-date.  Negatives: Customization options are usually buy up.  More restrictions than any other option.  You can only wordpress.

Shared Hosting

I use Dreamhost and they are pretty good.  There are many other options in this field.  The only one I would highly recommend you avoid is GoDaddy.

Dreamhost is an employee owned company.  They are carbon neutral.  And if you have a 501(c)(3) non-profit you get hosting for 1 site free (you still have to buy a doman name for $10).  The base price for everyone else is $9.95 a month ($120 a year).  Each domain costs $10 a year.

Disclaimer: If you use the links/codes below I might get a referral bonus.


Shared Shared Hosting

Each dreamhost plan let’s you host “Unlimited” websites.   I currently host 8 websites (friends and family).  I’m willing to resell hosting for $50 a year (plus you bring your own domain name, I suggest you buy it from dreamhost for $10).    This would include me setting up WordPress, getting you a Piwik account, and website monitoring (I’ll track the site in Google web master tools and other tools).

This does include setup help, very occasionally email support (~1 email a month average), and keeping your WordPress install up-to-date. Plugins are allowed, but you need to run them by me first (if they aren’t installed by default).

If interested, see me after class or contact me at B “at”   I am open to negotiating other options as well.

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