Beginner Website Creation


Today we will be learning about WordPress, a free and open source software package for making a website (in tech terms called a Content Management System).  First some terminology:

Domain name: It’s simple a “pointer” to where your website is hosted

Domain Registrar:  A company that will sell you a domain name
Examples: Dreamhost, NameCheap

Hosting Provider/Web Hosting:  The company/service that actually hosts the website files and all of the associated information.  They are also the ones that actually “serve” your pages up to your visitors.
Exanples: Dreamhost,




Course Overview

  1. Login to the your wordpress install at    Or /learn2/
  2. Create a new post (like a blog)
  3. Create a new page
  4. Overview of Dashboard
  5. Checkout available themes
  6. Checkout available plugins



Hosting Options

There are three distinctive ways to get a WordPress website hosted:

  • Host it on for free (with restrictions)
  • Buy your own hosting plan (still shared)
  • Share someone else’s hosting plan  (see more details below)

More details on hosting options.

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