Help people move to L/Ubuntu from Windows XP!

In preparation for the Cherry Hill Library’s XP to Linux Installfest I made a website, presentation and worksheet.
Basic site designed to tell users if they are still getting security updates (right now just for Windows) and what their next actions should be.

Introduces Ubuntu and Lubuntu for non-technical users and also how today’s installfest will work.

A place for the user to write down what they use their computer for.   And a place for the installfest helpers to write down what works/doesn’t in the LiveCD test.

Items mentioned in the worksheet: The liability release is specific to this Installfest.   As for the survey mentioned, I’m very curious just how many non-pae machines or 32 x86 machines there are still in the wild.

Let me know what you think and feel free to modify/use/whatever.  (If you need a license consider the docs under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License).

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