>Scribus, How close is it to replacing Adobe Acrobat Pro?

>For my specific use case of making PDF fill-able forms.  If you remember I previously posted about showing support for the Adobe suite on Linux. In this post I look into how Scribus is progressing on this use case.

The Competition
Adobe Acrobat Pro can make any PDF into a fill-able form.  Importing is easy and you can just reopen the final PDF if you need to make changes.

Step-by-step this is the closest I have gotten to being able to do this with Scribus.  There are some issues which I will highlight at the end.

  1. Print each page of the form you want to make fill-able to a seperate PostScript file (.ps)
    Scribus Limitation – You can’t import PDF forms directly very well at all
  2. Import them individually into Scribus using Get Vector Image, line them up on thier respective pages.
  3. Insert the PDF form elements you want from the right side of the toolbar.
  4. Change any options you need on the elements by right clicking on the element and going to PDF Options -> Properties
  5. Export to a PDF.

Send out your fill-able form!

The caveats: With Scribus you need to keep the Scribus file or else you are going to have to start over from scratch.  You canNOT reopen the PDF you created in Scribus for editing.
Oh, right, Adobe Acrobat Pro will run you 450 dollars.  Scribus is available free for Windows/Mac or for Ubuntu.

>Nuclear Disamament – Needs your voice

>“The treaty advances a world free of nuclear weapons. The New START will further reduce the number of deployed nuclear weapons in both countries’ arsenals. It has the support of many political leaders.

Please contact to your senators today. Ask them to support the New START treaty and press for a vote on the Senate floor.”

Please add your voice.  The sooner Russia and the US reduce our nuclear weapons pointed at each other the better.

>Test out Firefox 4 Beta 7

>Firefox 4 Beta 7 came out this week.  You can get it here http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/all-beta.html  I strongly recommend encouraging friends and family to install it (first explaining the nature of beta). 

Firefox 4 is a very important release.  Firefox has lost a little bit of market share recently.  Firefox 4 has features, speed and otherwise, that may help to correct that.   The more people that you move (knowing the risks) to Firefox 4 Beta 7 the more stable the next release is going to be and also the better Mozilla will understand how things like tabs are used (thanks to user surveys).

Want even less stability? / Want to be on 64 bit?
I run it and have no problems with it.. (your mileage may vary, for instance it could explode) http://nightly.mozilla.org/  Nightly builds!

Help get hardware acceleration on Linux
Learn more – http://blog.mozilla.com/joe/2010/09/15/so-you-want-to-help-us-with-hardware-acceleration/

>Show demand for Adobe Creative Suite on Linux

>An Adobe Employee has responded to an idea about have Adobe Suite on Linux.
“I have forwarded this feedback on to the appropriate team who will consider it for future releases of Adobe software.”
Let’s make the demand overwhelming (http://getsatisfaction.com/adobe/topics/produce_creative_suite_for_linux)

(remember Dell IdeaStorm)