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Leaving MySpace for WordPress.com gives you some great new capabilities and in my opinion a much cleaner, better interface. WordPress is an open source blogging platform.  Although the free ($) WordPress.com has some limitations. (You could always host it yourself and get the full WordPress, or I personally use DreamHostApps.)  Furthermore, if your blog/band/etc really takes off WordPress puts you in a much better position to grow with it, which could mean getting a domain name to hosting it on your own to even customizing WordPress for your needs.  MySpace doesn’t come close.

Also, MySpace is owned by News Corp who also owns Fox News.  Having a blog on MySpace therefor can help the owners of Fox News make a profit.  If MySpace were to go under they would take a hit.  You can boycott more News Corp sites with my Firefox extension WebCott.

However, a lot of musicians still use MySpace, the rest of this posts aims to help them make the switch.

On first glance it would seem that you need to pay money to upload audio to wordpress.com.     That is true.   You can learn all the options you have.   It is definitely more integrated and more powerful (and you are supporting a great open source system) to buy the upgrade.

Option 1 however from the link above let’s you link with a special wordpress.com audio tag to any mp3 on the internet.   Unfortunately that requires that you host the MP3s elsewhere. Enter Google Sites, which let’s you make a website and host other filetypes online.  Create a new site, then a new page and upload the mp3s you want to embed in your WordPress.com site.  Then use the audio tag in HTML view (see all the options above) to embed them in your WordPress.com site.

Enjoy a modern audio filled blog!  What do you find best about using WordPress/.com?  What is still lacking from WordPress.com keeping you on MySpace?

Please send this to anyone you know who still uses MySpace, they are currently rated as the #62 visited websites, let’s make that #63.

[Update, Also check out BandCamp, Jamendo, and Magnatune.]

7 thoughts on “Leave MySpace for WordPress.com”

  1. May I suggest archive.org as another place to host your original audio files for free, with the added bonus of automatic conversion to Ogg Vorbis.

    One can also decide to upload FLAC high-quality versions of the same too.

  2. @Fabian Rodriguez

    Unfortunately the WordPress.com audio tag only appears to support MP3. Buying the upgrade let’s you use Ogg though..

  3. You could also use Google Docs (instead of having to set up an entire site), but the url is pretty long so you’d probably want to shorten it.

    It looks like it works fine with the tag. 😉

    “Note: Items with any visibility option can still be published to the web.” See this[0] page to un-publish stuff that you’ve published either accidentally or on purpose.


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