Update, an Ubuntu laptop is now 16th on Amazon for $200

Quick follow up to my last post…  the only Ubuntu laptop on Amazon is now selling for $200.  That’s the cheapest I’ve ever seen it….  (so they might be finishing off the stock for the next version or just being more competitive for black friday, no idea…)

ASUS 1015E-DS03 10.1-Inch Laptop ( Black ) [Link removed due to it no longer being sold by Amazon directly]

Of course if you are looking for a more powerful laptop, System76 just introduced two new models (one desktop, one laptop).

2 thoughts on “Update, an Ubuntu laptop is now 16th on Amazon for $200”

  1. I think I actually might get one. Thanks for the tip. Though I’m not sure if this would technically fall under the category of netbook or laptop.

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