New Rasperry Pi performance benchmarks…

Lazy follow up to my previous post on the Raspberry Pi.  Here are some more recent benchmarks using a more up-to-date image:

Take aways:  Performance has improved greatly.   Still get’s crushed by a P4, but performance per watt is now clearly in the Pi’s favour.

Some of the tests failed because I don’t have a monitor hooked up to me Pi.  (Like GTK perf).  With the Wayland changes, I guess I might have to review this again with one..

2 thoughts on “New Rasperry Pi performance benchmarks…”

  1. The “Debian” you mention, is it the Debian armel-port? I would hazard a guess that most performance differences are not about “how much work raspbian people have done to make it faster”, but rather the fact that armel-port doesn’t make any use of armv6 or floating-point hardware on RPi. Your results were touted by Phoronix as news of Raspbian improving it’s performance. 🙂

    1. Yea it was whatever they (the rasperry pi people) recommended at the time (which I believe was still rasberry pi specific). Now they recommend the optimized Raspbian distro.. so while not completely correct, it is the improvement I’ve seen over the time period.

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