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On the Mozilla CEO…

It[1] has already been demotivating and distracting from Mozilla’s mission.   How he responds to this is going to determine how really qualified he is to be CEO.  I think it could end up affecting Mozilla’s image permanently if not managed well, which is one of their biggest assets (Most trusted internet company for privacy)!

Two thought experiments I did personally ( I’m an atheist who feels marginalized by the pledge of allegiance including “Under God”) :

From CEO perspective

I donate $1000 to a political action committee pushing to remove “Under God” from the pledge.   Time passes.  I got a job opportunity to lead an amazing organization.   Members of the community start boycotting the amazing organization due to my donation.

From end user/employee/advocate perspective

I’m working at an amazing organization.   A new CEO is appointed that’s donated $1000 to make sure that we keep “Under God” in the pledge.   He promises to not change atheists position in the company and continue to treat them like any other employee.


I was originally going to suggest that the CEO just donate $1000 to the other side.. but I don’t think I would do that in his place.   From the employee perspective, I wouldn’t immediately resign or anything, but I would likely keep a wider eye towards new opportunities…  What would you do in your equivalent thought experiment?

Multiprocess Firefox – An afternoon testing on Ubuntu 12.04

What is multiprocess Firefox?They do a much better description here: https://billmccloskey.wordpress.com/2013/12/05/multiprocess-firefox/
But basically it’s the start of having each tab in Firefox isolated from each other and the Firefox drawn UI (referred to as chrome).  Right now it only isolates the “chrome” from the webpages with one process each.

This is my experience using it for one afternoon on Ubuntu 12.04.   I disabled all add-ons because I don’t think it’s ready for my add-on collection…

What doesn’t work

  • AppTabs don’t come back on a restart (expected)
  • Password management doesn’t autofill (you can still access passwords though and copy/paste them). (expected)
  • Flash doesn’t work (click to play doesn’t seem to work either…) (expected)
  • Accepting no third-party cookies doesn’t work (seems to just disable all cookies)
  • Scrolling is a bit jumpy at times
  • Embedded content issues
    • Salesforce widget fails with “Content Encoding Error” because it doesn’t define a mime type?
    • My TinyTinyRSS installation doesn’t work only when loading slashdot pages (they embed ads)
  • Opening a new tab from the new tab page using middle click. (It does work if you do it via right click open new tab, with middle click it loads in the same window)
  • Zoom works on some pages but not others…
  • Trying to print crashes the page process (expected)
  • It’s one process for all tabs right now, so when one crashes, they all do
  • WebGL isn’t detected at all (expected)
  • Downloads seem to freeze (was downloading a Zentyal 700 MB image..)
  • Can’t attach files.. (this is what ended my testing :/)

What does work

(that seems surprising, most sites just worked as usual)

  • Saving a page
  • HTML5 Vidoe works (youtube), but fullscreening is two steps (one in the window and then hit F11)

One nice item is when you give up and disable it.. your previous session is restored from before you started..

I’m going to keep trying it ever month or so to see how it progresses (I’m already a nightly user)..

Temporary demo for Tiny RSS on my site…

Bye Google Reader.

If you are looking for a RSS reader that you can control/host Tiny Tiny RSS is awesome.   I’ve completely replaced my use of Google Reader with it. You do need to host it yourself and the demo has been down for a while.   Get it for your web-server here: http://tt-rss.org

I really wish I could have tried it out before hand though… So, I’m temporarily (1 week) allowing anyone to access my Tiny Tiny RSS installation by using a demo/demo account.  I’m not providing a direct link in the hope this helps it stay running a bit longer :).    Hint1: It’s not tiny.bryanquigley.com.

Hope this helps someone decide to install Tiny themselves.

DuckDuckGo, Now in Ubuntu 12.10!

I’m pleased to say that DuckDuckGo is now included as a search engine option in Firefox in the latest Ubuntu 12.10 release.  DuckDuckGo and Twitter are the only search engines that are secure by default via HTTPS.

As a brief comparison I searched for pidgin in the Unity Dash, Google, and DuckDuckGo.  Which results do you like better?

Starting with Google and Unity Dash:

And Now for DuckDuckGo!

DuckDuckGo separates your search term into different uses, letting you further refine your search results or get instant answers from Wikipedia, dictionaries and many more sources.

DuckDuckGo doesn’t track you or bubble you (customize your search so you rarely will be shown another point of view).  They also are partially open source and made it a goal to give back 10% of gross revenue to open source projects.

For a better overview of DuckDuckGo check out their about page, the introductory video is really nice.   This is just the start of a relationship between DuckDuckGo and Canonical, in fact they haven’t even signed a contract yet.  Hopefully the relationship grows and enhances both projects.

Duck it!