12.04 Music Player Review – CPU Usage

Similar to my previous year’s post on CPU performance, here is 2012’s version.

The task: Playing 2:44 seconds of an mp3, then switching to another one
Tested with: MONITOR=cpu.usage,cpu.freq phoronix-test-suite benchmark idle, which monitors cpu usage and frequency.   Also important to note is that I set maxcpus=1 for my quad-core machine.

First up, which programs needed more than the default 800 Mhz?  This graph shows the average over the 3 minute time frame.

I believe guayadeque made it to this list because of mouse movements on my part, misclicking to play the second song.  Amarok and banshee have no such excuse.

CPU Performance – CandleStick

This is one of the charts I love to show this information the line up and down goes from the minimum amount of cpu used to the maximum.  And the line going to the right from the vertical line indicates the average CPU used.

Overall, Amarok is the only clear loser and for the first “VS” match we will be looking at Amarok vs Clementine.  If you’d like some more charts and raw data, click on.

Here are the graphs of the CPU usage over time…  the first one is the entire picture, while the second is viewed in to let us compare the key parts.


Megahertz Details (Average shown. two values are possible 800 and 3000)

audacious 800
banshee 946.6666666667
clementine 800
amarok 1660
rbox 800
musique 800
gmusicbrowser 800
guayadeque 853.3333333333
quodlibet 800

CPU Usage Details

Average Min Max
audacious 12.6508474576 7.37 23.46
banshee 14.0466101695 7.45 59.26
clementine 19.4306779661 10.89 24.76
amarok 25.6889830508 8.25 100
rbox 13.9623728814 6 26.26
musique 19.4216949153 9.18 21.78
gmusicbrowser 11.796440678 7 14.43
guayadeque 14.2101694915 9.47 37
quodlibet 10.8210169492 7.22 27.66

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