Linux Gaming Weekend Post-mortem

First off, it was fun.  Takeaways

  • If you give no one a good idea how to be counted or to register, you will have no idea how many people participated.  During the event I tried using the Steam group, (btw please join if you have Steam and want it to come to Linux), but that was worthless on any of the open source games.  And it wasn’t
  • One day is enough, two days is too much gaming when not located in the same place.  If you are trying to send a message it just confuses the issue.
  • I noticed at least 2 other Linux gamers on Saturday.  However that is such an anecdotal number, and I was in mostly the same servers.

I don’t think I’ll try running it again any time soon, unless anyone has a better idea for tracking how many gamers are involved.

More on the steam group –  We Want Linux Client.  We appear to be in the “Public” group category #597 (out of 728,869), with 2,822 members (highest group has 952,000 members, 200th has 8,000).  If you have a steam account.. even if you don’t use it anymore, consider joining the group to show that Linux users have previously bought games on Steam (and may no longer buy them).

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