Running Ubuntu/Unity on a machine that is not 64 bit capable?

I have a theory and I would like your help to disprove it (like all good science, aim to disprove it first).

The basic theory is that there are very few computers in one of these groups that is also not in the other:

  • 64 Bit Capable hardware
  • Machines that can run Ubuntu/Unity

Or in other words:  If you can run Ubuntu with Unity you almost definitely have 64 bit capable hardware. And, if you have 64 bit hardware you can run Ubuntu with Unity.

Help prove me wrong!  Answer the following questions (only submit if you answer yes to either):

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4 thoughts on “Running Ubuntu/Unity on a machine that is not 64 bit capable?”

  1. I had a Lenovo S12 netbook, which had a 32bit intel atom and a GMA 945. It could just about run unity as long as there was not an external monitor connected (that took the screen width over 2048 pixels).

    I was not a fan of unity, so its been a while since I have used it. Also I no longer have that laptop. I am not sure if unity performance has got better or worse since then.

    I guess there are a lot of these late 32bit atoms around, which are the perfect machine for people to try linux on, and be impressed with its performance compared to the windows it came with. There are also a few with the nvidia ion chipsets.

  2. Long surveys turn me off, but to sum it up, we have more than one Compaq NC8000 (yes they are old) in the house, with Pentium M processors (1.6Ghz). They can run Unity 3D just fine (using 12.10 with an older kernel).

    I personally use a 64bit system though.

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