I teach several courses at Cherry Hill Library.  I am hoping to share my materials for the courses so that others can use them to teach at their schools and libraries.

Course Topics Include:

Beginner Website Creation [Online course overview]

So, you want to make a website? WordPress started off as blogging software but can now make any kind of website, and it’s easy to use. This course walks you through the different options when creating a website. We will also talk about options for hosting the site (from free to $120ish a year and many places is between).   Check out the Hosting Options page for more details.
Prerequisites: You should be comfortable using a computer, browsing the web, and using at least 1 other application.

The Best Free Software on the Internet [View the course slides/material online]

Need new computer software that won’t break the bank? A quiet revolution is growing in the world of computer software.  We explore this hidden revolution by learning about some popular free software including Firefox, LibreOffice, HomeBank, Linux and more.  We will cover how to use some of the most popular applications, how to find other reputable free software, and finally how to buy your next computer preloaded with free software.

Intro to the free LibreOffice suite [View the course slides/material online]

LibreOffice is one of the most popular alternatives to Microsoft Office and it’s completely free.  In this course we work on the core applications, Writer for word processing, Calc for tables and spreadsheets and Impress for presentations.  LibreOffice is available for free from

Firefox Basics Course [View the course slides/material online]

Intermediate Web Browsing: Focus on Privacy [View the course slides]

The Firefox web browser already does a good job of protecting your privacy online. Learn the basics of cookies, javascript, plugins, secure websites, and more. For all of these different aspects, there is a Firefox extension that can help make that aspect more secure for you. Learn which ones will provide the most benefit to you with the least amount of extra work. Course will also go beyond the browser and cover privacy oriented search engines, which email providers are more secure, and more.
PREREQUISITES: Proficiency in web browsing, including use of Tabs, preferably using Firefox.

  1. System76 – Ubuntu friendly vendor
  2. ZaReason – Ubuntu (and others) friendly vendor

Also courses on HomeBank (Personal Financial Management), and Linux (Linux Mint) which are not not available yet.

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