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Update, an Ubuntu laptop is now 16th on Amazon for $200

Quick follow up to my last post…  the only Ubuntu laptop on Amazon is now selling for $200.  That’s the cheapest I’ve ever seen it….  (so they might be finishing off the stock for the next version or just being more competitive for black friday, no idea…)

ASUS 1015E-DS03 10.1-Inch Laptop ( Black ) [Link removed due to it no longer being sold by Amazon directly]

Of course if you are looking for a more powerful laptop, System76 just introduced two new models (one desktop, one laptop).

Valve’s Living room speculation…

The last reveal is coming up and I don’t think it’s a controller… The first circle either represented the Steam Universe expanding or the SteamOS software..  So one circle in the last picture is that…

and the other is:

  • XBMC integrated as it’s media center
  • Netflix (or other media) now available through Steam
  • Allows other game distribution alongside Steam like EA’s Origin
  • Steam adds the capability to run other Linux applications
  • And in true “CNN Style” – Sony makes the PS4 the first Steam box…

In any case, I’m expecting a software announcement or an integration of a different “universe” with Steam/OS.  What are you expecting?

Update: Well I was wrong.. oh well..

New Rasperry Pi performance benchmarks…

Lazy follow up to my previous post on the Raspberry Pi.  Here are some more recent benchmarks using a more up-to-date image:

Take aways:  Performance has improved greatly.   Still get’s crushed by a P4, but performance per watt is now clearly in the Pi’s favour.

Some of the tests failed because I don’t have a monitor hooked up to me Pi.  (Like GTK perf).  With the Wayland changes, I guess I might have to review this again with one..


My site was cracked… specifically to inflate search results it seems with lots of hidden links… and the logs didn’t go back far enough to find out why…

I’ve changed all the passwords, got rid of any extra plugins/themes, and cleared out all files that has been modified.  What else do you do? All the software was fully up to date.  I think I will make it a git repo so I can easily see changes (keeping a copy on my local machine as well).

I am quite annoyed at Google.   I found out my site was cracked because I searched for my name.  Google knew my site may be comprised, and didn’t bother to inform me.   I have Google Webmaster tools set up for the domain, no messages or alerts (and they are specifically enabled).

Useful sites for determining if/where your site is suspicious: Continue reading Cracked!